Leave a sign

Ctr. no. 2016-2-RO01-KA105-025137

Exploring cultural diversity and breaking communication barriers between hearing and deaf youth through art and creative expression.

The project Leave a Sign was implemented by Ikaros Foundation together with his Italian partner, Amber Srl, during September until April 2017 and had the main goal to strengthen communication abilities among 24 young people from Romania and Italy, among which 12 were hearing impaires.

The central activity of the project, the mobility of the 24 young people, was organized from 15th until 23rd of January 2017, in Bucharest. The 7 days of activities took place in a non-formal and intercultural framework, especially given the fact that all young people felt the challenge to break communication barriers among them and to (re)discover the body language.

The project activities were based on non-formal education and participative methods like: experiential learning, animation, sessions of reflection, flash mob, forum theater, photography workshop, debates and public presentations.

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