Ikaros Foundation for Active Young People organized the dissemination workshop at the Măldăeni Gymnasium, part of the Safe School – Promoting students’ engagement in the prevention of bullying in school project, part of the Strategic Partnership Project for school education financed by the European Commission through the Erasmus + program in Romania. The event took place on 4th of January 2019, where 24 pupils and teachers participated in order to understand the phenomenon of bullying in schools and to discover the methods and tools already created within the project to prevent, combat and eliminate this phenomenon and apply them to their school.

The workshop included sessions about presentation of Erasmus + Program and its benefits for school education, what are the causes of the bullying phenomenon and the importance of the consequences of neglecting this phenomenon, followed by a presentation of the methods that can be implemented in schools to prevent the phenomenon. The methods were based on the online training modules with methods and resources dedicated to teachers and professionals in the field of education, school counselors, psychologists parents and all interested people and it can be freely accessed on the Foundation’s website ( Result intellectual no.2 ).

Activities were based on non-formal learning methods such as: presentation, brainstorming, reflection sessions, games, quizzes.

At the end, the participants were evaluated by completing a quiz with 8 questions about the content of the presented workshops and they were offered symbolic prizes, such as bookmarks. Everybody received certificates.

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