Safe School – modulul 2

Supportive classroom enviroment

Module 2 QUIZ!

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What is a supportive classroom environment?
How to best design a supportive classroom environment?
How to maintain the positive results achieved in designing a supportive classroom environment and become a model for the entire school?
Referring to the physical space, what are the most important steps in creating a welcoming and organized learning space?
Why is the physical space design so important in creating a safe and supportive classroom environment?
What are the actors that can be involved in creating a supportive classroom environment?
What is the best way to collaborate with pupils?
What does it mean to teach through relationships?
What group cohesion reffers to?
What are the positive effects of group cohesion on solving conflicts?
When working in groups, how is the best way to place the 3 figures (instigators, peace builders and informal leaders) strategically for avoiding a conflict?
Which of the following represents positive practical ideas that you can apply on creating a strong group cohesion?
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Safe School - mod2
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