Safe School – modulul 6

Developing sessions for reflection activities in schools.

Module 6 QUIZ!

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Depending on the stage of the activity, the reflection activities can be implemented at the...
What are reflection activities from the students’ perspective?
“In general, reflection activities involve only students’ individual reflection”. True or false?
Reflection activities have...
How a facilitator of a reflection activity must act?
“At the end of a reflection activity, related to bullying, students must be aware of what is bullying, the reasons for being a bully/victim, what are the actions that they can take in order to stop or prevent a bullying situation, among other topics”. True or false?
Where the snowball reflection activity can be applied?
In which activity you will be requested to collect, print and post informative material about bullying?
Which reflection activity allow students to reflect and share their difficulties about gathering consensus in small groups?
In which activity, students have the possibility to use a computer, internet and an email address?
“The Role-play reflection activity can only be implemented as a small activity”. True or false?
Which is the aspect you should be careful about when reporting reflection activities?
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