Safe School – modulul 7

Review of schools’ policies and procedures related to bullying

Module 7 QUIZ!

Please, choose the correct answer.
Each question has only one true answer.

Which is the European milestone in the fight against bullying?
Which concept is defined in ART.3 of the UNCRC?
Which is the Safer Internet Day main goal?
Which is the best method a psychologist can use in schools?
Which one of these is NOT a group class intervention?
Which one of these is NOT a competence of the class board?
At international level, bullying is defined as:
Which has been the most successful anti-bullying policy method?
Which one of these elements is NOT part of the policies against cyber bullying?
Which one of these is NOT a tool to manage an anti-bullying policy?
Which one of these is not a component of the anti-bullying team?
Which is the aim of a Reactive anti-bullying policy?
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Safe School - mod7
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