This activity took place in Madrid, from 22nd to 25th of October 2018 and was hosted by the Spanish school partner, Nuestra Senora del Buen Consejo.

28 people have been participated on behalf of the partners – teachers, trainers, school counselors, other people working in the field of education.

The agenda of these days was full and very useful as it was characterized by active participation and interaction among all participants. Every partner had its own agenda of workshops, presentations, debates and games and all participants had the possibility to present own experiences and challenges in their work of preventing and diminishing bullying in and outside school.

    The subjects explored during the training were in line with the approved project and included:

  • Evaluation sessions and daily session of individual and group reflection
  • Brainstorming activity on the causes, effects and forms of bullying (participants have connected with emotions they felt in their childhood or adulthood while experiencing situations of bullying)
  • Social Emotional Learning: Emotional Intelligence and management of emotions between peers
  • Key findings about bullying, schools policies and procedures
  • Workshop: supportive classroom environment
  • Workshop: Cohesion among peers
  • How to prevent Bullying (I): students support groups with a peer leader + school project, difficulties on the implementation
  • Workshop: planning a student support group
  • How to prevent bullying (II): creation of school-family bridges
  • Focus group on multimedia resources teachers might need in their school activities to prevent bullying
  • Developing an Action Plan by each partner with the aim to bring significant changes in schools
  • DEOR workshop – All participants worked on developing a Dissemination Plan at the level of their country and school/organization in order to disseminate the project results
  • Final conclusions and Erasmus+ Certificate of Attendance given to all participants


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