Who we are?

Ikaros Foundation was built in September 2015 with the intention to bring in Romania the experience and work of Ikaros Imprese Sociale from Italy, who works for more than 12 years with children, young people and adults that are belonging to most vulnerable groups. To them, Ikaros Imprese Sociale offers counselling sessions, professional training and mediation, supports them to improve their competences and abilities to become more independent and to better integrate in school, at work place, in the society.

What are we doing here, in Romania?

We work with children and youth, many of them facing difficult situations like poverty, hearing impairement or institutionalisation.

More specifically:

– We develop projects dedicated to children and youth with the final goal to support their growing process, their efforts to finalize the studies, to unleash their potential and their creativity and to improve their abilities. We believe that in every child and young person there is a huge potential and that the affirmation of this potential requires only the right context to learn and to do. That is why we want to inspire them and to motivate them to actively engage in the society they belong to. The majority of our projects are financed by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ program. Because we LOVE Erasmus+, we believe in long term positive effects of the non-formal education, because every project proves that big social changes

are possible if each of us involves. Discover our projects or contact us and we will tell you more!

– We develop partnerships with schools, with other NGOs and public authorities because we like to work together with others when we are stubborn to do good. And so, we go in schools, we implement international projects and we make sure that our actions have a strong social impact in the local community.

– We support others to prepare and implement their national and international projects, through the Erasmus+ program or through other funds. In this sense, we offer the entire support to prepare the project proposal and to implement it. If you have an NGO, you work in a school, a company or in a public institution and you have a project idea, you want to grow or simply, you want to find out more, you may contact us here. Moreover, if you want our opinion on the project proposal that you have prepared and you want to deposit or want to understand why it wasn’t approved, we are happy to help you without any charges.